5 Pokemon Sword and Shield Tips to Help Even the Biggest Noob Catch ‘Em All

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  • Pokemon Sword and Shield have been released to excellent critical reviews.
  • However, Pokemon’s first Nintendo Switch release introduces some major gameplay changes.
  • Below are five tips to help you make the most of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are out, and most people are completely stoked. There are a few crusty gamers still lamenting the cuts to the Pokedex, but, all-in-all, things seem to be going well for one of the most divisive generations in the series.

If you’re in the mood for some new Pokemon action, then we’ve got some top tips to help you out.

Remember, Pokemon Sword and Shield bring some pretty sweeping changes to the franchise. Go in prepared, and you’re gonna have a much better time. (Warning: There are spoilers below.)

pokemon camping
In Sword and Shield, camping is encouraged. | Source: Nintendo/Game Freak

1. Don’t Forget That Camping Is an Option

The new “wild area” adds an open world section to the game for the first time. Camping is a natural fit for the new area, allowing you to grow closer to your Pokemon, as well as feed them to keep them healthy.

The important thing to remember is that camping isn’t relegated only to the new wild area.

You can actually camp out along many of the different routes between settlements. This is important because healing items can be expensive if you have to keep buying them. You can find berries in the wild for free, and they can be used to cook healing meals for your Pokemon. You can also come across other campers and cook with them for better meals.

pokemon sword and shield
Pokemon Sword and Shield are selling extremely well, controversies notwithstanding. | Source: Nintendo/Game Freak

2. Catch the 3 Basic Pokemon Types

For the first time in the series, with the possible caveat of the Unova region, the three starter Pokemon types are super important early on. The first three gyms in the games are grass, water, and then fire – in that order.

Along the path to the first gym, there are plenty of fire Pokemon to be found. Vulpix is a prime candidate since it learns “Incinerate” pretty easily. The area outside the first gym is swarming with grass-types. Also, you start out with a fishing rod in this game, meaning you can just fish immediately for your water type.

3. Always Be the Second to Dynamax

Dynamax is the new mechanic that turns Pokemon into Kaiju. Effectively, it gives a massive power and defense boost to your monsters in addition to transforming them into giants. In gym battles, your opponent will Dynamax their last Pokemon.

If you’re not over-leveled for the fight, make sure you Dynamax either at the same time as them or even one turn after. This ensures that you can take out their final Pokemon with ease since their power only lasts three turns.

4. Explore Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Wild Area

As well as being great for raiding and catching Pokemon, the wild area holds many advantages and secrets. Once you get past the first gym, you unlock access to the bike, which makes exploring the wild area entertaining and easy.

You can find people who’ll give you special items for watts, a new wild area currency. There’s also a plethora of items lying around on the ground which come in handy in a pinch or can be sold.

pokemon sword and shield tips
Don’t forget to put your character on Galar’s best-dressed list. | Source: Nintendo/Game Freak

5. Horde Your Money to Look Your Best

The character customization features from previous generations are back, and more in-depth than ever. While you still have to choose from a pre-selected set of faces, you can now buy new clothes and hairstyles.

These things can be expensive, though, so if you want to have a truly stylish character, you need to save up. Exploring the wild area and defeating trainers are your best bets for getting cash quickly. Don’t forget to sell most of your treasures in the Pokemon center to make a quick buck or two.

With these tips, you’re sure to be mastering Pokemon Sword and Shield in no time at all.

This article was edited by Josiah Wilmoth.

Last modified: November 18, 2019 16:20 UTC

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