Prince Harry Will Be the Fall Guy When Meghan Markle’s Hollywood Scheme Fails

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  • The closer we come to the release date of the “tell-all” biography of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the clearer the narrative becomes.
  • We’ve seen it claimed that Harry is upset over the use of the term “Megxit” because it suggests Meghan was behind the royal break-up.
  • As the Hollywood experiment looks doomed to fail, we see the narrative shift to apportion blame to Harry rather than his wife.

It seems that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have something new to cry about every week.

Their latest gripe? The use of the term “Megxit.”

That’s right. The play on the term Brexit that the British Media used throughout the United Kingdom’s divorce from the European Union was hilariously utilized to describe the royal family break-up.

You see, the problem with the term is that it implies that the decision to walk away from the royal family was Meghan’s.

Prince Harry claims this simply isn’t true.

Prince Harry has had a life-long dream to live in Hollywood and be a celebrity, right?

“Simply” Harry expects us to believe that it was his idea to leave behind his elderly grandparents, father, and brother, along with all his friends and move to Los Angeles.

Don’t you know? Living in Hollywood and having dinner with A-Rod and J-Lo has always been Harry’s lifelong dream.

Of course, he’d spent as much time in L.A. before he met Meghan as I had – which isn’t much – but this whole scheme was obviously his idea.

Apparently, this will all be made perfectly clear in the upcoming tell-all book that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have absolutely nothing to do with.

A source speaking to The Sun – one of those nasty publications that bullies poor Meghan and Harry – claimed:

That word “Megxit” in particular has always angered Prince Harry. It gives the impression that the decision to walk away from the Royal Family was Meghan’s. The reality is Harry drove that decision. The book will make that clear and explain why it had to happen.

What’s interesting is that this source claims to know what’s in a book that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry claim they have nothing to do with and that they won’t read until shortly before publication.

I wonder who this mystery source could be? They continued:

The truth is Harry had been unhappy for a long, long time. He wanted to move in the direction that they did and had been considering it for more than a year.

This new book is a rehabilitation tool for Meghan Markle and her image

Once again, are we supposed to believe that Prince Harry has long been considering moving to Los Angeles and cutting himself off from his family?

Apparently, this is the life Prince Harry wanted. | Source: Twitter

I don’t buy it. We already see the signs that this book is nothing more than a PR tool to rehabilitate the image of Meghan Markle.

The Hollywood couple can pretend that this book will set the record straight, but anyone with a shred of intelligence knows better.

The Sun’s source continued:

Meghan supported Harry’s decision. But there was more than one occasion where she asked him if he was certain it was what he wanted. And she always made it clear she would support him in whatever he did.

Is it just me, or is the narrative slowly changing to everything being Prince Harry’s decision? I wonder if that would be the case had the royal family break-up been a success from the beginning.

If this project fails, Prince Harry will shoulder the blame

prince harryprince harry
Prince Harry will be the fall guy when this all goes south. | Source: Chris Young / The Canadian Press via AP. Image edited by

It seems to me that we are being primed for all of this to be blamed on Prince Harry if (when?) the financial independence project is not a success.

As for Meghan? This book, written by her friends, is set to portray her as nothing more than a devoted and supportive wife.

Perhaps the Sussex Squad and blinkered fans of Meghan Markle will buy into this narrative.

What Meghan and Prince Harry are banking on is that enough people are willing to believe this story. And, more importantly, buy their book.

How else will they stand a chance of funding their lifestyle?

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Last modified: May 30, 2020 12:15 PM UTC

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