Minecraft Meets the Blockchain Thanks to New Plug-In


Blockchain game technology company, Enjin, announced that their plugin “EnjinCraft” is now available on the popular video game, Minecraft.

According to the announcement made by Enjin, the blockchain plugin will allow players to integrate, trade, and use blockchain gaming items through the servers.

By integrating blockchain technology, the company aims to make it easy to tokenize Minecraft items and thus incorporate them within the players’ servers.

The plugin is based in Java, with some specialized functionalities like the integration of the tool on external games, servers, and websites.

Linking Minecraft’s blockchain wallet to the servers

EnjinCraft’s plugin includes the possibility of integrating blockchain-based Minecraft assets, attaching an existing blockchain asset identity to the in-game items via console commands, and giving players the ability to link their blockchain wallet to their servers.

Enjin details that the plugin will show players their real-time Enjin Coin and Ethereum balance while providing special items and permissions to players based on blockchain assets they own.

Another functionality highlighted by the company is the possibility to initiate Ethereum (ETH) transactions that can send blockchain assets to players via console commands. It also allows users to re-develop the open-source code to suit the developers’ specifications and needs.

EnjinCraft’s technical requirements

Enjin clarifies that to use the plugin, server owners would need to be running Java 8 or higher, must have created a project on the Enjin platform, and own the Spigot 1.13 plugin version and above. Tokens integrated using EnjinCraft must also be fungible.

The plugin is available in English, Danish, Filipino, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, and Spanish.

Enjin continues to strengthen its presence in the gaming industry so far this year.

Cointelegraph reported on March 12 about Enjin’s official launch of its Multiverse program, designed to support the creation of in-game assets that can be transferred and used across multiple games hosted in the multiverse.

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